Phil Wheeler

Web professional, blogger, speaker & teacher


Managed Services is Dead

Long live managed services! Traditional approaches to application support and client relationship services may be falling behind as DevOps gains a stronger foothold in the industry.

Software Manufacture

Software Manufacturing

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 : John McGlashan College

The use of tools to manage the development of a digital output - specifically, a web application.

I'm a career web developer from Dunedin, New Zealand. I've worked in the software consulting, banking and insurance sectors ahead of joining my current workplace, Intergen. I specialise in the Microsoft .Net web stack and can talk about your next website in-depth using the excellent Umbraco CMS.

Software and support is my passion. I like solving people's problems in a meaningful and simply-explained way. I want people to find computers and software easier to work with and easier to understand. If I'm not doing tech stuff, I'll be playing my drums, enjoying the cricket or spending time with my kids.