I use Keybase for message encryption. Get my public key.

Any fool can tell a crisis when it arrives. The real service is to detect it in embryo.

- Issac Asimov

I'm a development manager for a New Zealand science education & research technology company where I'm working to create the most empowered, enthusiastic software team in Dunedin.

I've been an ITIL-certified developer or team leader for more than a decade, specialising in operations / support processes and coding for web applications, Windows forms and Microsoft Office. I'm a big believer in equipping and enabling people to understand the technology they're using and ensuring their business processes support that before simply throwing a solution at a problem because it's the latest shiny thing. I guess I've been doing DevOps for most of my career but never thought to make it sound cool by giving it an actual name.

In my spare time I blog a bit and do a little moonlighting as a professional consultant / developer. I regularly speak as an industry ambassador in schools and community centres, advocating for ICT careers or talking about computer skills and issues. I've been teaching a robotics and programming club at my local school since 2016.

I usually have a number of side projects on the boil and one day I might even finish one! I'm always learning and build things as much to understand new technologies and skills as create a finished product. I'm also a music teacher in weekends, teaching at one of Dunedin's music school centres (yes, I built that site too).

In whatever time I have left, I play the drums, get a bit of exercise in playing cricket or mountain biking and love learning languages.