Phil Wheeler

I'm a "technical people" leader.

My technical background gives me a particularly good understanding of the technical aspects of a business environment, but fundamentally I help businesses succeed through their people. I help build teams and strengthen their autonomy, mastery and purpose through two decades of working in New Zealand's technology sector; from banking and finance (ANZ / Tower Insurance) to professional services (Fronde / Intergen) and touching dozens of well-known companies and brands over that time.

I've been a career web developer specialising on the Microsoft stack, getting my hands dirty on web forms,
MVC, Razor Pages, Blazor and a raft of JavaScript frameworks. I've supported WPF desktop applications,
server side REST and SOAP services and all sorts of Azure services and enterprise data storage applications.

Since moving to management, I've coached individual contributors in small and large teams to help them
deliver at their best. I've implemented security systems, performance frameworks, consulted on - and
certified in - support delivery and processes and built up high-performing teams across a range of

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