Seeing Beyond the Technical Glass Ceiling

It's not uncommon for technical people to find their technical career development has plateaued and be at a loss for where to move next. What do you do when you hit the technical glass ceiling and are faced with stark choices that don't inspire you?

Who Mentors the Mentors?

Mentoring, learning and personal development are all facets of the same gem. Coaching and helping your peers succeed is not just an aspect of good leadership; it's a generative activity. So why do we see people promoted solely on technical merit alone?

The Cultural Tension of Software Teams

How does the language used to describe software development affect different teams? What assumptions do we make in our enthusing about DevOps, shipping or sprints that exclude or neglect developers who work in a capacity that is slow to adopt these best practices and what are the risks in ignoring those disparities? Understanding and measuring the relationship between our industry's language and its effect on our people directly affects our teams' engagement and productivity.

Responsible Seniority

When it comes to the hierarchies of software teams, there seem to be some pervasive and toxic attitudes. What is it we should actually expect from our seniors and what are some of the entitled views that we could do without?


Feedback is crucial to building any team dynamic and in helping your people achieve their goals. But how can you measure how effective your comments to your team are and how can you be sure you're contributing to a stronger team dynamic; not damaging it?

Departing Thoughts

There are lots of things individuals within a team can do to contribute to a generative culture. Following a change of role for me recently, here are some thoughts I put together for my former team.

Measurement of Management

If you are managing a team effectively, how do you quantify that? Are there metrics for team culture and engagement that a good leader might point to as evidence that their contribution is making the boat go faster for everyone?