Mail Encryption for the Masses

For most people, good security means having your anti-virus up to date and using strong passwords (and using a password manager, right?). But a few news stories in recent times have brought attention to a broader set of security tools and habits such as encryption and identity verification.

Online Security - Why the low standard, New Zealand?

I like websites. I like online transactions. I also like good security practices when conducting online transactions. I think it's a pretty neat idea. Not a particularly new and radical one, mind you; it's been around for quite a while. So when I see prominent, established brands making really basic, rudimentary mistakes I get understandably frustrated.

Why Your Password Repertoire Isn't Cutting It

While most of us adhere to the rules about mixing up the characters in our passwords between uppercase, lowercase, some numbers and even throwing in some "special" (i.e. punctuation or functional) characters reasonably consistently, it's still remarkably common to hear about people who are using the same passwords across a whole bunch of services.

Pokemon Stop

Pokemon Go is the latest craze to take over the mobile world but what are you actually sharing aside from oddly-named fictional animals?

NWebSec Support for ASP.Net Core Applications

NWebsec is a set of several security libraries for ASP.NET applications that makes securing your code easy, configurable and now supports Core. Have a read to see how security configuration is actually enjoyable and intuitive.