Internet Explorer 11 Won't Submit Your Form? Here's Why

I've had a couple of clients raise a puzzling bug over the past couple of weeks where customers have complained that they're not able to log in or can't search their site. They'll click a button to execute some action like searching or submitting a form but nothing will happen.

Building a .Net Core App with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database that integrates very easily with ASP.Net applications. In this post, I look at just how quickly you can create a new .net Core web application with PostgreSQL, Entity Framework Code First and Autofac for dependency injection.

Exploring .Net Core App Hosting with Caddy Server

I genuinely thought this post was going to be a lot bigger and more complicated. Turns out setting up Caddy Server for development and testing purposes with a .Net Core application is ridiculously simple.

Sharp Dressed Web: Playing with the newest frameworks

The new ASP.Net Blazor makes it incredibly easy to write Single Page Applications in an efficient, uncomplicated framework. With the latest Zurb Foundation CSS framework, it's amazingly easy to stitch together a MongoDB or PostgreSQL back end and run a full open source stack app.